IMGP3138Mariam is an Edmontonian, born and raised in Alberta.  She enjoys reading, photography and taking long walks on the beach.  She also likes to think that she’s kind of funny.  A little bit?  You be the judge.  As a chiropractor, the original intention of the blog was to share information on what a chiropractor actually does and to share general health information that may be useful to her friends, family, and anyone else that is interested.  However, as someone who loves to travel and share the random ideas that cross through her brain, it was difficult not to occasionally divulge from strictly health-related topics.  This is why you’ll find 3 categories beside every post:  General, Health-Related, and Travel.  The goal is to share information that may be useful to your mind, body and sense of adventure.

I like to talk… a lot.  If you ended up here, then you’re helping to spare the general population of people that I meet face-to-face from the non-stop talking that would otherwise go unchecked”

DISCLAIMER: As a chiropractor, I take a special interest in health and health topics (among other topics in general). The information on my blog is developed from personal experience, clinical experience, my studies and research.  None of this information should be considered as medical advice for you specifically and if you have any health concerns you should consult a medical professional in person so that you can be properly assessed.


It’s not easy to practice yoga while you’re walking on water…


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