Adventures of Sheriam- The Honeymoon Chapter: Day 24 (Mari’s Day Off)

Friday April 14th:

I stayed back at the Blue Canoe while Sher went on the hike to the waterfall.  I feel bad being so lazy, especially since this is the time which we would have been hiking Kilimanjaro. I really wanted to do Kili but the tour company was nice enough to let us decide one week before if we could make it, once we explained that my toe was still healing. A week ago it was feeling better actually but we hadn’t trained at all and I was only just starting to walk normal again. I left my air boot with Cristina (among other things for the kids like some of our spare clothes, my GoPro, etc) for her to donate to a local clinic and it felt so good to get rid of the damn thing finally. But losing my hiking boot in the Montreal airport and not finding decent replacement boots, plus how long it took me to heal, PLUS the fact that it’s rainy season and Kilimanjaro in the rain would be even harder, all added up for us to decide that we are out for the hike. I thought we could stay at the school longer but there’s so much that Sher had found to do and we promised ourselves that we would come back to work with The Olive Branch For Children again and then also climb Kilimanjaro, in the non-rainy season and after we had trained.

So here I am today, finally catching up on typing the blog from our journal entries and enjoying some downtime. I convinced Sher that he should still do the hike since I thought he might be bored just hanging out at our little cabin. We’ll probably do a canoe ride later and then go to Matema to pick up my dress. I can’t wait to see the pictures that Sher takes on the hike… and to meet the new people checking in to the hotel tonight. So far, Sher and I have been the only ones here.
Evening update- the dress came back with a high neck and ruffles! Not at all what I asked for (square neck). Sher got her to fix it but I had to take a picture first of the design she created, totally not what I had asked for!  And we’ve been enjoying our favourite Chai Bora here… the same type of tea that we had every day at the Zion Home.  Reminds me of our time there in the busy common room.

The people who have now checked into the Blue Canoe are mainly families and we leave early tomorrow anyways, so no fun news there. And Sher loved the hike but he sprained his right lateral ankle which looks really swollen painful. I worked on it a bit but he’ll be hobbling for a few days 😦


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