Adventures of Sheriam- The Honeymoon Chapter: Day 8 (A Perfect Day With Old Friends)

Wednesday, March 29th:

Sher booked us for another Segway tour for the next morning. Our guide was born in Munich and showed us a lot of places that I had never seen before (this was my fourth time in Munich), including a 17th century farmhouse in an area called Heidhausen, and a lot of former Nazi buildings.

I love Munich… it’s a large city with a modern downtown but it feels like a small Bavarian village in some parts. It’s only a little bigger than Edmonton but with a lot more quaint outdoor spaces like the market that is more than 700 years old and the largest inner city park in the world, the English Garden. The English Garden is even bigger than Central Park and it has an area that is famous because surfers can enjoy the waves there and have competitions. We happened to go on a day that it was closed due to low tide and cleanup but our guide said that it’s normally crowded with people all year-round. The weather was chilly during our tour but it warmed up by the time we met Peter at 1pm in Marienplatz and went to his house with desserts.  Peter had a good laugh while we passed our hotel on the way to his house and he could see exactly which window was ours because of the laundry line in the window.  This, in a 5 star hotel!

Martin and Peter’s quaint home is right behind the large Nymphenburg (a castle inside Munich) and it was so cottage-like on the outside but very modern and organized on the inside. Peter has great taste… I’ve known this since were became friends while in chiropractic school together in Toronto. We sat in their backyard with our tea and cakes and just relaxed while Martin was finishing some work. We met their Irish neighbour on the way out… such a charming lady and she was so adorable and curious about our wedding and the Pakistani outfits that we wore for the different ceremonies. Eventually we left to go to another cozy Bavarian restaurant that Peter and Martin chose. It was a nice change to have someone order in German for us and to not really bother trying to figure out the menu. So much fun visiting Peter again… but eventually, he’ll have to come visit me! I don’t know when my fifth trip to Munich will happen!



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