Adventures of Sheriam- The Honeymoon Chapter: Day 7 (Munich here we come!)

Tuesday, March 28:

9am- we are stopped at a gas station just outside of Rothenburg. The hotel last night looked a little bit like a small medieval castle. The doors were heavy and the walls were a very old stone. Even all the artifacts and wall pictures seemed to be from the Middle Ages. I had some crazy nightmares there and I assumed it was due to the place being haunted. (Later I wrote…. “But then I made the same assumption about the place that we just stayed at in Munich… so i think it’s just me!”)


This morning we walked around Rothenburg, the town known historically as the “perfect German town”. It was preserved by the allies during WW2 and due to lack of bombing the old-style buildings and fame for inspiring the town in Pinocchio, it attracts a lot of tourists. They are known for a pastry called schneeballen which translates to snowballs. There are different types but the ones covered in icing sugar look the most like snowballs… the only thing is that they are really hard and don’t actually taste that good. Sher liked his but I think he was just hungry!


Then we made some GoPro videos driving under the town gates and eventually started on the drive to Munich (or more correctly, Munchen… but even with this German keyboard, the accents aren’t working for me to type it correctly).

We checked into the Hotel Koenig just outside the main plaza of downtown Munich.IMG_0308

We enjoyed lounging around in the sauna area… no one else was there so we had it to ourselves. Then a nap and we got ready for our fancy evening dinner at the Michelin star hotel restaurant. It was a lot like the place we went to in the Alberta Rockies, Eden in the Rimrock Resort, last November…many courses with complimenting accompaniments. Dessert was amazing, too. Overall, there was a lot of flavoured foam and a small portions but I think it the portions were perfect because you get a fusion of complimenting light flavours and you’re not overstuffed by the finish. I liked it but I think Sher wasn’t as much a fan of the food as I was.


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