Adventures of Sheriam- The Honeymoon Chapter: Day 6 (Autobahn to Hell)

Monday, March 27th:

On the way to my favourite little German town (I had previously visited for an afternoon during the Euro tour with my wifey, Rajini, in late 2011), Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Sher and I stopped for lunch in the town of Dresden. It seemed to take a long while to get there from Berlin but Sher enjoyed taking our rental 5 series past 200 km/hr (I think he got to 220) on the Autobahn.IMG_1136

I was excited to have a some food and a break from the highway… it’s a little stressful being a passenger at those speeds! TripAdvisor led us to a charming little garden place called Altes Wettburo. Well it was eventually charming… we startled the waitress (maybe owner?) when we walked in through the front door and she gave us the angriest look you can imagine! But somehow she quickly warmed up to us and showed us to the backyard entrance then brought us some fresh, locally sourced food while we sat in the sun. It was a pretty popular place, too. I think there is a travellers’ hostel close to the restaurant.


An hour later, we were back on the Autobahn. And one hour after that, we were back at the same restaurant in Dresden because I had left my purse hanging from the chair! What a waste of 3 total hours of our day. I was so upset with myself because I really wanted Sher and I to have time in Rothenburg since I knew he’d love it. Anyways, since all the back and forth driving had tired Sher out, I had to take over driving which was tense but thrilling. There was a lot more traffic by this time so I didn’t get to go faster than 180km/hr. Still fun, though!

We arrived so late in Rothenburg (past 10:30pm?) with no hotel booking or restaurant reservation but we got lucky again with some help from TripAdvisor. The dimly lit restaurant in a very tiny, old stone home is called Zur Holl (I’m missing some accents in that name) which translates to “go to hell” (the owner told us that). We ate way too much…. as usual on this trip…. and I’m still thinking about the seasonal wild garlic soup that they recommended for us to try.

I would go back to this same place if I am ever lucky enough to find myself in Rothenburg again. Incredibly cozy and romantic… probably the most romantic dinner of the trip so far! Plus the owner who spoke fluent English was so nice, he even called some friends and found us a charming hotel inside the historic city walls and talked them into giving us a good price since it was already late… and then he walked us there so we wouldn’t get lost! It’s such a well-preserved little town that it almost felt creepy at night after our friendly “Hell” restaurant owner left. Sher was afraid to park our car and walk back alone. There’s a picture below of me in the foggy alley giving my husband company to the car. Hehe… he’s a gentleman but a scared one!


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