Adventures of Sheriam The Honeymoon Chapter: Day 10 (All Day in a Castle)

Friday, March 31st:

I started out the morning with the included room service breakfast and reading all about the place that were were staying, tucked away here in the German Alps.

Sher and I separately explored the castle/spa resort in the morning… I needed some sun and he wanted to check out the pools. We eventually bumped into each other and decided to have lunch on the patio then we got ready for our massage appointments in the afternoon. I was a little sad that we had booked so late (only the day before) and the hammam spa was booked up. When we walked by, it looked like an exotic little separate section of the spa and I was so curious about it. But my alpine massage with heated mud was in a room surrounded by windows and mountain views was so relaxing, I stopped thinking about the hammam. I had been to a hammam before in Istanbul and tried a hammam treatment again in Marrakech so I feel lucky that I got to try it before and I was sure it couldn’t be much different here. Sher’s hot stone massage therapist was Irish and they were chatting during the treatment and Sher mentioned how much we wanted to try the hammam… it turns out they had a cancellation! I was so happy- we had a hammam therapy appointment about 10 minutes later. It was amazing- totally different from my previous experiences. I wrote a whole review online about it!


We were so relaxed at dinner- I wished we could stay an entire week at the Schloss Elmau. After dinner we explored more of the castle including the library and cigar room where they had a live pianist performing.  Even the gold moon-shaped lights had me mesmerized at this place…. their decorator found some really unique pieces that you find all over the castle!

I actually like it here a lot more than the Fairmont Banff Springs that is close to us at home…. there’s no tourists coming and going and it’s more of an all-inclusive spa experience with free yoga classes and many different included buffets. I do love the mineral pool in the Banff Springs spa, though. You just float and listen to the underwater music and it’s a pretty calming experience on it’s own.

My only regret of my time at Schloss Elmau is that I didn’t take more pictures… you’ll just have to go and see it for yourself!



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