Adventures of Sheriam- the Honeymoon Chapter: Day 3 (Warming up to Paris)

Friday, March 24th:

We actually slept half the day in our funny little loft…. mainly due to jet lag and me wanting to avoid the cold outside.  This time when we went out, we finally remembered Marty!  He is the zebra toy that my little cousin, Hanan, gave to me before we left and he came with this message: “This is Marty.  He misses his old home.  Since you’re going to Africa, he would like to join you.  While you’re there, Hanan will miss him so your goal is to take as many pics as you can and post them on social media :)”  So he has become the official mascot of our trip.  Marty’s first picture was with the Arc de Triomphe while we were heading to Champs Élysées with a plan to explore and shop.  Neither of these things really happened due to time constraints but I did get my eye makeup done at Sephora for our night out and we got into the huge line at the LV store before giving up and heading to the Eiffel Tower (probably a good thing that we didn’t go in!).  But it was funny to watch the incredulous looks of the wealthy customers who couldn’t believe that they were waiting in the cold to spend their euros on pricey purses.


We barely made it in time for our reservation at the Eiffel Tower restaurant, 58 Tour Eiffel.  It was fun, mainly for the benefit of skipping the long line to go up to the tower.  With the reservation you get a pass to skip the cue and go up to the first and second floors (restaurant is on the first floor).  The service was attentive and organized but the food was again just above OK… overpriced and not bad but nothing to rave about.  The food presentation was pretty creative, though.


After dinner we had a lot of fun going up and down the tower’s stairs.  I was hobbling along at a slow pace but it gave me a chance to make a bunch of videos and really take in the city.  We bought a few souvenirs and tried the Eiffel Tower’s macarons which were actually delicious.  Back at the base, we had a caricature drawn that actually looks a lot like Sher.  I’m not sure how much I resemble my drawing (and what happened to my pants??) you can judge for yourself:IMG_0250

Then we wanted to ride the merry-go-round in the market area but there was no attendant so we just jumped on.  Apparently that wasn’t cool and when the guy saw us, he yelled in angry French and threw us off.  Ah well… we didn’t get time for pictures but it’s a funny story to us now.  We then caught a cab to a popular walking area where Sher wanted to party but I wanted food. So we compromised- started with Japanese food at a late night place and then went into a sketchy little Havana live music place with good reviews.  I was STILL hungry after that so we found tea and some odd little coconut desserts from a middle eastern street shop before heading back to the loft.  I wanted to start the blog that evening but sleep took over…



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