Adventures of Sheriam- The Honeymoon Chapter: Day 2 (Chill is in the air in the City of Love)

Thursday, March 23rd-

I woke up after many movies and a sore neck to our landing in Paris early in the morning. I had been to the famous City of Love with my lovely wifey, Rajini, just over 5 years ago but Sher had never been before. How exciting!

It was too early to check into our air B&B loft so we walked around the area we were staying in and found a tiny little breakfast cafe called Birdie Num Num with the most delicious pastries, cheeses, and coffee (of course, it’s French and local!).  It was so small that we could barely fit with one other customer there beside us…. but I’m glad we found the little spot.  I was a little grumpy from the cold, being so tired, my sore toe, etc (I know, ungrateful!) but Sher thought my mood was hilarious so he took a pic of me in the cafe….IMG_0599After the cafe, we went back to the artist’s loft at 4 Rue Duhesme that Sher was so excited about…. it was interesting for sure!  Definitely an experience and that’s all I’ll say!  Although I loved the rustic concept that the owner had going and all the funky artwork…. and my favourite part was the towel warmers!  Such a luxury!

Once we settled in, Sher told me that he had booked a romantic dinner cruise on the Seine River for us.  The food was pretty decent (for one of those very touristy things) and we saw a lot of the main sites in one night, in passing…. including the Louvre, Eiffel Tower (with the sparkling lights), Notre Dame, the mini Statue of Liberty (not sure what it’s officially called), and a lot more important buildings.  I was already feeling the limits of my one backpack since I packed dressy clothes for hot weather but none for chilly Paris.  Had to make it work, though!  He did plan some fun things for us to do in the evenings :). The rain was nice and made it a perfect romantic cruise for a Paris evening.  IMG_0601

One thing we learned about Paris is that Uber is not as handy as we are used to.  The drivers usually had a hard time finding us and we had a bunch of trips cancelled on us.


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