Adventures of Sheriam- The Honeymoon Chapter: Prologue

Hello friends!  Sher and I are starting out with retyping our journal entries until we get caught up with where we are at now.

Here’s where it starts, before leaving but after the wedding fun was all done and our guests had gone home….


I’m pretty excited to get away from Edmonton, to be honest.  I had so much help from my friends, bridesmaids, and family to plan the wedding events but it was still a lot to do.  Wedding planning is fun but I was surprised at how many little things there were to do that made 6 months fly right by.  So the deal that Sher and I made (since many guys are NOT excited about wedding planning) is that he would help me sell my old house and also be in charge of the honeymoon.  All I know is that we are heading to Africa for volunteering, to climb Kilimanjaro, and to hopefully see some wildlife.  I found out some more details when we went for immunizations and he had to list the countries for the nurse in front of me.  So I also know that we head down from Tanzania all the way to South Africa before heading back home in two months,  I like surprises, though, so I enjoy being in the dark about the details.

Disclaimer: please forgive any typing errors.  My laptop keyboard stopped working so we are using a German one that we got for the iPad… not so easy!



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