Adventures of Sheriam- The Honeymoon Chapter: Day 1 (Surprise! We’re actually going to Paris!)

Wednesday, March 22nd-

Dad picked us up after a frantic morning of packing…. Sher somehow expected that a girl could fit everything she needs for two months into one backpack!  I somehow did it, but it wasn’t easy.  I also just finished selling a house, planning two wedding events, and hosting out-of-town guests for almost a week!  Best time of my life but I was ready for some downtime and one backpack for a month didn’t sound like downtime! Haha

We left Edmonton around noon for a connection in Montreal and enjoyed some spa time in the Montreal airport.  By this time, Sher had told me that we had a surprise overnight stop in Europe.  My guess was Amsterdam since it’s such a common connection on the way to Africa.  During my facial, I kept hearing last minute calls to board for Amsterdam and worrying that Sher wasn’t paying attention and that we were missing our flight!  Finally, I made the esthetician leave to interrupt his massage and check… we were still OK.  In the end, we had to run anyways… but to catch our flight to Paris.  So Montreal airport was like a mini French refresher for me!  IMG_0647

The funny thing is, I dropped my hiking shoe while running through the airport (only lost the right one, the side with the broken toe!).  Maybe it’s a sign about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro?  And then Sher tried to bargain with the desk agents at Air Canada for an upgrade to our seats.  They laughed at him and said “you’re not in a silk market!”  Hahaha.  Reminds me of when a certain friend was told in Rome many years ago that he’s not in the right country for bargaining after he reacted strongly to the price of 2 euros for a bottle of water.  Hehe


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