“Execution EATS Strategy for Breakfast”

Do you need some motivation to get ahead at work?  We all do sometimes.  We get too busy with day-to-day tasks that take over and by the end, we’re too tired for anything else.

This weekend I attended a seminar in Canmore with some fun colleagues from the company I work for, CBI Health.  The seminar was held at a spectacular resort in Canmore, just outside of Banff.

The content of the seminar was all about- communication with other practitioners, best practice in our clinics, how to make patients feel like they are important individuals, how to connect with people, etc.  We participated in some useful team activities and heard from some great speakers, including the physiotherapist who invented Coreshorts (now made in collaboration with Under Armour) and appeared on Dragon’s Den.

One relevant message that I took away from the seminar for every day life was all about how to work more efficiently.  One of my resolutions/intentions for 2013 was to slow down a bit and enjoy the breaks off of work.  Spend more time with family and the people I love.  One way to do this is to be more efficient during work hours so that you’re not stressed after work or doing a lot of unnecessary overtime.

The title of the presenter’s talk was “Execution eats strategy for breakfast”.  Basically, the ability to get things done (execution) is essential and much more important than coming up with strategies that may never actually see results.  We can make plans forever and come up with great ideas but the EXECUTION of our ideas and goals is what really counts at work.  I’m not talking about the daily tasks and to-do lists that you make.  Those things will get done because they have to.  But this is about the bigger goals that you and your company may have.  The long-term strategies that are put together but get swept to the side because we are too busy with our daily work.  The daily work takes over.  We complain that we are too busy.  We are completing task after task.  But are we progressing as an employee or as a company if the bigger goals are not met?

So, how do you do this?  Think of the daily grind as the whirlwind.  The tasks that we get swept up in and occupy all of our time.  They must be completed.  We have time for nothing else.  Or do we?  If you go about setting aside regular time in your schedule OUTSIDE of the whirlwind, you can commit this to executing strategies for long term benefit.  Sounds hard to do, I know.  But start small- a few goals that can be accomplished in a relatively shorter amount of time that are NOT part of the daily whirlwind of tasks.  Keep track of your progress.  Work as a team if possible- meetings help.  Make it a daily habit and keep expanding to further your progress at work and watch those goals get tackled.  Then go enjoy your spare time!

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