Sundays in Deadmonton

City Hall's main pyramid and fountain. To the ...

City Hall’s main pyramid and fountain. To the left is a cenotaph; in the background is the CN Tower. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I used to have conflicting feelings about Sundays.  The end of the weekend isn’t something that you look forward to.  On the other hand, Sundays are: the one day that I can almost always sleep in as long as I need to, the day to indulge in my favorite meal (Sunday brunch), the day that you can be truly lazy and not feel any guilt about it, the day to spend more time with family, and a perfect day to do some exploring of your city.  Saturdays are too busy to go driving around casually during the day.  On weekdays we often get busy with appointments, errands, and work.  I’ve come to love my Sundays for checking out interesting things around Edmonton and just being an observer of what the city has to offer.  A co-worker of mine once asked if I get the Sunday blues, not looking forward to the work week ahead.  I knew exactly what he was talking about, and this rings more true after a busy weekend that seems to be a blur at the end of it.  But if you can maximize your leisure time on Sunday- cooking at home, staying in your pjs a little longer, spending time with the people you love, or going out and exploring the city- I think that is the best cure for those occasional blues.


What is there to do in “Deadmonton” on a Sunday?  Get out and find something, anything!  Most places close early so you’ll want to leave the house in the early afternoon, ideally.  Some people reading this are shocked that I would be lazy enough to leave the house after noon.  Others can’t believe I would leave the house on a Sunday at all!

Here’s what I’ve been doing in Deadmonton on my last two Sundays-

– Met my chiropractor friend for a fantastic adjustment.  I had gone for a massage earlier that week and my back was telling me that it needed some solid crack-a-lacking.

– Went with two co-workers for a casual brunch work meeting at New York Bagel Cafe on Gateway Blvd, just off Whyte.  If you are a fan of eggs benedict, you need to check out this quaint, hipster cafe.

– Dragged a friend with me to Happy Harbor Comics across from the downtown MacEwan campus.  What a bright, fun store!  I was surprised by how spacious and welcoming it was inside.  I could’ve hung out here much longer.  We came to attend a book reading for my cousin’s recently published book, Boundary Road.  He did a great job and now I can’t wait to dig into the story.  Be warned, the content is not for kids!  There were also two musicians that broke up the readings with some soulful cover songs including my favorite Beatles song, While My Guitar Gently Weeps.  It was a fun two hours!  I plan to return to this store- and I’m not much of a comic fan.  If you mention to someone working there that you are new to comics or not sure what you’re looking for, they are great at helping customers narrow down what could be appealing to their individual tastes.

Inside the store.  Princess Leia watches outside the window as you walk by.  They have everything here including Hello Kitty, Duff Beer, and True Blood drinks!

Inside the store. Princess Leia watches outside the window as you walk by. They have everything here including Hello Kitty, Duff “Beer”, and True Blood beverages!

Boundary Road is thought-provoking but not for kids!

Boundary Road by Gord Cummings is thought-provoking but not for kids!


– Grabbed a late lunch at a popular new Swiss sandwich place in North Edmonton.  Swiss to Go was mentioned in a recent Edmonton Journal article (scroll down to 1:30pm in the story) and she is incredibly popular with the local businesses and residents.  I have several personal favorite sandwiches that I rotate between, including Chicken Zone and the Grasshopper.  Her fresh baked bread is amazing so you honestly can’t go wrong with any of the sandwiches.  And save room for dessert!

– Visited family and learned how to master operating the new carnival-style popcorn machine that we ordered.  Who said that Sundays are boring?

Need ideas for what to do next Sunday?  Just do whatever you feel like, as long as it’s not TOO productive (resolution #4)!  The weather should be progressively warming up for people to venture out more and explore the culture in our city full of creativity and small surprises.  I think Sunday has officially been upgraded to my new favorite day of the week.

I’m going to share one song with you after each post that is from an artist performing at the upcoming Coachella Music and Arts Festival.  Starting with Phoenix:


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