The monkey dancing in your head

In following with my “resolutions” or list of intentions for 2013, I’ve been making small changes day-to-day.  #6- Cutting down on wheat, carbs, and processed food in general.  So far, not as difficult as I had expected because I’m doing it moderately.  #1 and #5- I’m exercising daily in the mornings (don’t laugh!) by learning a new skill of trying to master my Hip Hop Dance game for the Xbox 360 Kinect.  #3- Always trying to spend more time with ma familia.

But the one that is giving me difficulty is a combination of #4 and #11- Slow down and be less productive.  I thought that clearing my head during hot yoga would be on the right path to achieving this.  I’ve been attending yoga classes for years.  It should be simple to focus on my breathing and simply not think.  Right??  Oh, SO wrong!

Here’s a sample of the internal dialogue that went through my mind during Friday’s hot yoga class-

“OK, I should focus on my breathing.  Buddha belly breathing.  I remember that I learned about this during a yoga course in my UofA days… fill the buddha belly by inhaling deep through the nose, then push it all out slowly by exhaling audibly and compressing the belly.  Easy.  Done.  (3 breaths later)… Wow this room isn’t stifling like the other hot yoga studios I’ve been to.  I like this place.  The instructor is great, too.  I’ll come back.  Next Friday?  Hmmm…. am I free? Hope so.  I have so much to do next week.  Don’t I?  I’ll look in my calendar later.  What would I do without my phone?  I hate being so dependent on it.  I have so much paperwork tomorrow.  Wait- am I working tomorrow?  No… actually, I have this Saturday off.  I have to go with Kim to that thing.  So I’ll be waking up early regardless ~pout~.  These poses aren’t as difficult as they normally are.  I should focus on my breathing more.  Shoot!  I forgot to pack bodywash.  I’ll use my shampoo I guess.  I wonder if the showers here are nice.  I hope they aren’t crowded.  Oh, WAIT… did I see any showers?  I have to shower before movie night.  Gross.  I guess I’ll find out after.  Glad I brought flip flops… but I forgot my water bottle, too.  Bah.  Next time.  I should make a list and leave it in the gym bag so it’s easier to pack the night before.  I need a new yoga strap as well.  I love this spinal twist pose.  I literally feel the compression and the relief when we unwind.  This wouldn’t be safe for my disc bulge patients, though. I wonder how often a newbie injures their back during yoga.  I wonder how much training the instructor has to deal with that situation.  I’m fortunate to have my health… I feel fantastic right now.  I wish I could go to India to study yoga.  I wish I could do a travel show all about health care methods around the world.  I love travel shows.  I love hot yoga.  Wow.  I feel so relaxed.  Oh no… stop thinking.  Stop.  What is this song, though?  A cover of Oasis’ Wonderwall?  It sounds amazing.  Where do they get their amazing music?  I always forget to ask.  Why did she shut it off?  Oh, I see… in favor of the traditional Indian yogi music.  I guess we are going into the last pose now.  This is the time to really shut my mind down.  Clear my head.  I remember my good friend in university (a yoga teacher) told me to observe the monkey in my mind, dancing all around.  The monkey is like the thoughts passing through your head non-stop.  It’s important to watch the monkey jumping and moving but not to get caught up in the thoughts, only to observe them and let them pass.  To slow them down and empty them eventually.  Give your brain a break.  I wonder how that friend is doing?  Working at the hospital in Winnipeg, probably.  Lights on already?  That flew by!”

FAIL!  I’ll try again this week!


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