This year’s banished words, phrases

How many of these words do YOU overuse? I’m not a fan of “YOLO” but I hear it all the time. I’ll be happy to see less of “BFF”, “gone viral”, “trending”, and “baby bump”. People are obsessed with the celebs and their baby bumps…. or is it a bloated tummy?? I don’t know and I don’t care. Can I add “OMG”, “LOL”, and “cray cray” to the list of banished words? Any that I’m missing?

Pied Type

How I’ve missed it in past years is beyond me, but there is an annual Banished Words List produced by Lake Superior State University. This year’s list:

  • fiscal cliff
  • kick the can down the road
  • double down
  • job creators/creation
  • passion/passionate
  • YOLO (You Only Live Once)
  • spoiler alert
  • bucket list
  • trending
  • superfood
  • boneless wings
  • guru

The LSSU list includes comments about each of the words, which are suggested throughout the year by contributors (submit here). Fiscal cliff was the number one submission this year and in my book all the other words/phrases pale in comparison. Had I known about the submission process, I’d have submitted it myself — over and over and over.

The first banished list was issued on New Year’s Day 1976 as a publicity stunt for the little-known university. It turned into an annual event, with a new list released every January 1. Suggestions include pet…

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