From Bush to Obama… Why Should Canadians Care?

I just love this man.  Obama is inspiring, humble, honest, strong…. plus he has that winning smile!  But that’s not the reason that I’m interested in what happens south of the border.  I’ve been hearing on a lot of radio stations lately that people are sick of all the social media being backed up with stories related to the U.S. election.  That we, as Canadians, take too much interest in their politics.  That people who don’t really know shouldn’t comment.  Well first of all, it’s true that if you didn’t do any research on the candidates, then you shouldn’t comment.  But with all the available information on the internet these days, it’s really easy to be informed.  I watched the three presidential debates, checked on facts, watched the news coverage, and looked at the websites of the opposing parties.  That doesn’t mean that I would consider myself knowledgeable in the realm of politics.  But it helped me to understand what type of things would likely happen in the U.S. if Romney took the win versus what would happen if Obama took it.

And why should we care?  Well think back to the Bush days.  A lot of major events occured all over the world that were initiated by the American government.

As part of these events, Canadian soldiers were sent to Afghanistan and Iraq.  We watched news stories unfold that in many ways, could affect our lives too.  The entire face of the world can change if a world war were to ever break out and the States’ foreign policy plays a key part in determining whether or not the world climate ends up becoming that hostile.  And then there’s the economy.  We definitely feel it when the U.S. economy suffers.  Think back to the glory days of property flipping only about 5 years ago.  Things have changed a lot since then.  If the U.S. is doing well, we can feel more secure that our economy will likely be more secure.  Of course, I’m not an expert.  But we all see the obvious patterns of what happens in the States trickling down to us eventually.  And then there’s the issue of health care.  Or is this issue the reverse scenario?  It seems more often that they look to us as an example to follow.  But you can’t deny that what happens in either country is closely monitored by the neighbouring country.  We watch each other and compare.

Do we care TOO much?  Here are some quotes that I found…

“Living next to you [America] is in some ways like sleeping with an elephant. No matter how friendly and even-tempered is the beast, if I can call it that, one is affected by every twitch and grunt”  So Pierre Trudeau didn’t think so.

“It’s the perpetual Canadian contradiction: We disdain and envy the American circus all at the same time”  The Huffington Post puts it well.

At the end of the day, our feelings about the U.S. election are just feelings since we can’t have our say with an actual vote.  But I like what Obama said in his speech- he realized even before winning this time that the work he had done so far had inspired a lot of the proactive youth in the U.S. to get out in the world and accomplish great things.  The ripple effect had already been started and I think he sees that as one of his greatest successes.  As Canadians, we can be inspired by role models like Obama to “do good” in the world.  So go hug a tree, volunteer your time, be a role model to someone younger, help someone less fortunate and keep doing these things every day.  Obama says!!


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