Use Me!

So I’m feeling a little insomniac-ish… and the result is going to be a blog about nothing in particular.  While looking for an old debit card, I came across my library card and thought about some things that don’t get used often enough-

#1  You guessed it… library card!  I buy it every year for a reason.  I love books old and new.  I still haven’t figured out my Kobo (yes, I’m useless with anything electronic… it’s a miracle I figured out my laptop!) and I enjoy the quiet of libraries.  Plus sometimes they have interesting old DVDs that you wouldn’t have thought to look for on Netflix.  And the world music selection is fun to sample.  I just don’t go often enough.  I think I go once a year to renew my card and then promise myself that I’ll use it regularly, which doesn’t happen.

#2  Speaking of cards… all my points cards just sit in my home and collect dust.  Except the Scene card, that one gets used plenty because I watch too many movies!

#3  Candles.  Why do women buy so many scented candles and then forget about all the ones they already have?  I blame Bath and Bodyworks.

#4  Lipgloss and eyeshadow.  I have an obscene amount of lipgloss tubes scattered all around… purse, drawers, dresser, car, etc.  They aren’t good for you though.  I have stopped buying them but I can’t throw out the ones that I’ve already bought because now my lips get dry… due to the fact that I’ve used drying glosses for years.  It’s a vicious cycle.  And eyeshadow… well, I’m usually just too lazy.  Plus I need better brushes.

#5  Teddy bears.  Actually, no!  What do you use them for?  Why do I have them?  Please never give me a teddy as a gift… unfortunately I lost the ones from my childhood that would be the most sentimental and I have enough from adulthood now.  They stare at me from the closet wanting to be held.  I’m kind of cold hearted… I just walk away.


#6  Organizers.  I love organizers and buy many types- for jewellery, shoes, papers, and everything I can think of.  But I have so many that not all of them get used.  Time to get on that.  Or possibly buy more…

#7  Phone.  Not for texting, emails, youtube, calendar, and bbm.  But the actual telephone with a dial tone.  We all message each other so much these days… I’m going to start making more real-life phone calls.  Maybe.

#8  iPod.  I keep losing the thing.  It’s so convenient for music in my car and on trips.  I have all the associated toys to use it anywhere and connect it different places.  But I often forget that it exists.  It must be because, as I mentioned, I have this subconscious fear of technological things.

We are definitely fortunate to be living in a world where we own so many things that we don’t necessarily need.  I’m feeling pretty gluttonous right now… I think it’s time to make some donations soon.  Clothes to my little cousins (they actually LOVE my hand-me-downs) and household items to Salvation Army.  I actually have a lot of things that don’t get used enough, now that I think about it.

#9  Hiking boots.  Too much winter in our Canadian lives!

#10  Ninja sword.  I have one.  Really.  Don’t believe me?  Well, it’s true and it’s a shame that I never get to wield it.

As you can see, I like to make lists.  I’m going to make a list soon of my top 10 favorite cities that I’ve been to in Europe (and why you should love them, too).  Bet you can’t wait 🙂  Hope everyone had a happy Halloween!


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