What’s in YOUR Fridge?

…. besides a half-empty jar of mysterious pickled somethings in the back.  And a suspicious yogurt container that probably contained Indian food leftovers from one of my aunts.  But it’s been there a while and now I’m afraid to look.  Ahhh the single life…

You can learn a lot about someone based on the contents of their fridge.  Please don’t judge me based solely on the pickles!  I also have many healthy items- fresh veggies, apples from my dad’s tree, greek yogurt, almond milk, chicken bacon.  And the pop cans are not mine!  I rarely drink pop… all of the hidden pop cans in the bottom were left by and are waiting for my younger group of friends who still think that McD’s is a reasonable meal choice.  I’m working on introducing them to healthier options, don’t worry.

This past weekend I got together with some friends for a horror movie night and when I opened the fridge to put my juice inside, I instantly felt humbled.  My mango juice just didn’t belong in his pristine fridge.  The owner of the fridge is a good friend who is an engineer but definitely the fittest engineer I know.  Not only does he love working out… he volunteers at the YMCA teaching classes, he often won’t eat past 8pm, he is buff but still practices yoga to maintain his flexibility, and he is the default bodyguard of our group of friends.  So back to discussing the contents of his refrigerator… when I looked inside, I saw pre-made healthy lunches for the week ahead.  Tons of fresh fruits and veggies.  Eggs, almonds, rows of cottage cheese and plain greek yogurt.  I didn’t see any sign of juice or condiments (I’m an admitted condiment ADDICT.  No lie- my fridge contains 3 half-full mustard containers for some reason).  There were probably a lot more tasty and nutritious items inside his fridge but I was bordering on creepy, staring inside for so long!   It was a much-needed reminder of how I should be eating.

Below is an actual picture of his fridge from a past Halloween.  Wonder if that stabby girl in the back still lurks around to protect the fridge contents…

Well this got me thinking about healthy eating.  Lately I really have been trying to encourage healthy eating habits with myself, my peers, and my family lately.  At work, it’s a lot more difficult because people are constantly bringing in cookies and baked goods that are hard to resist.  With my family, I try to bring healthy snacks for the kids whenever I get a chance.  I even took a group of my adorable little cousins grocery shopping on Sunday and we picked out healthy choices for their school lunches.  At home, it’s tough because I’m always tired or rushing but I’ve been a lot better about keeping healthy food on hand for when I want to be lazy and snack.  But I feel like it’s not enough.  You really are a product of the food and supplements you put into your body and so I plan to introduce at least one new healthy item into my fridge every week until the end of the year.  Forget new year’s resolutions… those never really happen for me.  I’m going to get a jump on the resolutions starting now.  Ketchup and mysterious pickles… prepare to be replaced!

Here’s my list to begin with (you should do it too- start slow with one a week.  Of course, check with your family doc first if you have any health issues):

greek yogurt.  Well I’ve already tried most flavors in the dairy section over the last few months.  It’s become a little bit of an obsession.  Time to move on.

low fat cottage cheese.  Who doesn’t love it?  I can eat a tub in one sitting.  This is too easy!  Great protein source.  Careful not to overdo it due to the sodium in store bought cottage cheese.

– cinnamon.  Easy enough to make a healthy option to coffee by warming some almond milk and sprinkling cinnamon on top.  I’ll try it this week!  Cinnamon is good for lowering the “bad” cholesterol (LDLs) in your system, maintaining blood sugar regulation, and a lot more.

– pumpkin seeds.  Fall is the perfect time for these phytosterol-containing guys (good for lowering that same “bad” cholesterol).  So many other health benefits as well… but no, a pumpkin-spiced latte is NOT the same!

– sweet potatoes.  My foodie friend loves to cut them up and bake them then drizzle truffle oil on top.  Yummm…. but where to buy truffle oil?

acai or goji berries.  Sure I’ll jump on that bandwagon!  They are both full of antioxidants so you can’t go wrong.

quinoa.  One of the physiotherapists that I used to work with was a vegetarian and was always raving about her amazing quinoa salads.  I sometimes order quinoa dishes in restaurants but it’s about time I used some of this good grain at home.

–  dark leafy greens.  I actually enjoy brussel spouts and kale.  Yes, I’m strange like that.

flax seed.  I need to buy a coffee grinder so they are freshly ground to get the maximum Omega-3’s benefit.  Early xmas gift anyone??

– and for my sweet tooth I’ll TRY to resist the Halloween candies that I’m sure my little cousins will want to share with me.  I’ll replace those with some fruits containing soluble fiber that helps to reduce more of the “bad” cholesterol in my body: apples, plums, grapefruit, pears.

Try it out and soon you’ll be feeling this good…

(Another recent addiction of mine, besides greek yogurt.  “Wicked Games” is even better but don’t play it in front of the kids!)


One thought on “What’s in YOUR Fridge?

  1. Update- I’ve eaten all of the foods on my list. Yum 🙂 And at the Christmas party I was at last night, a group of girls (who I KNOW never used to eat healthy) were talking about how much they love quinoa and are using it for salads and in place of rice at home. Glad to hear it!

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