Mmmmm Cookies

As a chiropractor, my aim is to make people “feel better”.  Of course, it’s actually much more than that- I aim to help people get functioning optimally, get back to work, get back to sports, rule out more sinister causes for their discomfort, and improve their health and well being overall.  But when you facilitate in reducing or completely abolishing someone’s pain, they are usually pretty grateful.

Thank_you_smallPeople bring in cards, gift certificates, treats, coffee…. etc.  If you ever bring me a healthy snack, I’ll share and eat it gratefully.  If you bring cookies, they’ll disappear much faster!  But what doctors really love is positive reviews.  A written testimonial is a huge compliment.  The referral of a friend, coworker, or loved one is the ultimate compliment.  Better than cookies?  Close call, but yes!  I honestly don’t need the “thanks”.  But when people show that they are pleased in the form of a “thank you”, handshake, card, written testimonial, referral or even with a gift of treats… it still (6 years later!) always makes me feel incredibly good in return.  My instant reaction is to say “don’t worry, this is my job”.  But it does mean a lot to know that people appreciate what I do and that I’m making a difference.

What made me think to write about this?  I think I’m really craving cookies.  But also, a forty-something year old patient of mine emailed me a testimonial this morning that he had posted on LinkedIn regarding my treatments-

Today (oct 11, 2012) – My first real 2 hour workout (Cycling, Running, & Weights) after a long time due to lower back pain, but I have KILLED the pain, Thanks to one special doctor.”

….And it’s that easy to make my day.



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